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The Problem We solve: A hundred years ago, clothing was made of natural fibers. The first truly synthetic fiber was nylon, made of petro-molecule in 1939, followed by Acrylic (1950), Polyester (1953), and Spandex (1959). So, for half a century, skin and chemicals have been interacting, creating problems like infertility, respiratory diseases, dermatitis and cancer.

The Solution We Offer: The clothes we allow to touch your skin should be as natural and safe as it can be. Toxins absorbed through your skin — your largest organ —bypass liver, the organ responsible for removing toxins. You may not realize that your skin keeps you healthy by venting toxins, a pound a day. Synthetics suffocate skin, shutting down toxic release, add to your total toxic burden and become the "tipping point" for disease.

Our Value Proposition : Natural fiber is more sustainable than synthetic that requires high energy and crude oil. Natural fiber clothing, called Healthy Clothing, are biodegradable and allow skin to ‘breathe’ to release toxins. A Canadian study found that women working in acrylic textile factories had 7 times the risk of breast cancer than normal population. Healthy clothing have a potential to reduce skin ailments, respiratory problems, cancer, infertility and many health ailments.

The Scientific Evidence: The book, Killer Clothes, reveals many ways that synthetics and chemicals added to them create health issues, backing it up with scientific evidence. One shocking fact : rise in health problems has gone hand in hand with switch from natural to synthetic clothing, “Can it be merely coincidence that according to WHO, the industrialized world have experienced:

  • Cancer Risks have escalated to 1 in 2 males and 1 in 3 females, 1 in 8 develop breast cancer.
  • 1/3rd of married couples today experience infertility problems.
  • Respiratory diseases increased by 160% among preschoolers in Europe and North America.
  • Contact dermatitis and other skin ailments have become widespread.

Our Company: Inspire World ®, a Proprietary Company established in December 2015, in New Delhi, India, manufactures and markets via online portals and storefronts, distinctively smart and vibrant fashion through its product range of Healthy and eco-friendly clothing that is economical and affordable. Inspire World ® never let any synthetics touch you, and drape you in organic fabrics when needed.

Our vision: WEAR HEALTHY , SATY HEALTHY. We recommend you to "ReHab Your Wardrobe –(to) - ReHab Your World,", based upon the principle of harmony - harmony of thought, harmony of purpose, and harmony in humility. We commit 1% of our income to transform the lives of less fortunate.

Our Products and Services: The products can be grouped into two categories – The Mass Fashion under the brand name Inspire World and The High Fashion. Under the brand name SchónDva The Mass Fashion clothing is designed as Healthy Clothing. The product range of Healthy clothing is generally made out of natural fabric and organic cotton where it’s needed. These are trendy apparel, for casual and semi-formal wear in western styles from XXS to 3XL sizes including smart work-outfits for professional women working in metro cities of India. We recognize that customer satisfaction is the key to success and strives to deliver the highest quality customer service and superior products. As a socially responsible company, we contribute to the world's obligation for protecting the environment and health of individuals, and function as a good corporate citizen.

Our Customer Segment: The working women professionals in Indian metro cities, age 18-60, buying Healthy clothing in smart and vibrant western styles for casual and semi-formals. By 2020, women’s wear is expected to grow to 42% of the overall market encompassing men’s and kids wear, becoming the largest segment, with branded to unbranded ratio as 2:3. India’s fashion e-retail to touch $35 bn by 2020. Online apparel sales to grow 4 times, the online shoppers to grow from 40m to 250 m by 2020.

Our Competitive Positioning: Our competitors are International Brands like H&M, Local brands offering natural fabric and high fashion boutiques. Inspire World ®’s competitive edge would also come from youthful styling for middle aged with size range spreading from XXS to 3XL, keeping in view the obesity challenges. We provide a wide choice of colors to suit Indian culture. While comparing ourselves with the high fashion boutiques, we offer at least one-third less price, immediate availability of products, and wide range of sizes. Exports also offer a huge potential as China is the only competitor, but it deals more in synthetic apparels.

The Leadership: Inspire World ® " is the brainchild of Jyotsna Behl Chikersal, the company's founder CEO. After working for 18 years with WHO in progressive leadership positions such as the Regional Advisor for Health Information, Deputy COO and CIO, she started this new venture. She has extensively travelled across the globe, learning world-wide cultures and clothing habits including fashion. She would be assisted by a senior management team of three Vice-Presidents.

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